Step 24: The Final Walk-through

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The final walk-through usually occurs the night before closing or the morning of. It’s a chance for the buyer and the buyer’s Realtor to walk through the property and make sure it’s in the same condition as it was during the inspection and that we made all agreed-upon repairs.

Generally, the walk-through takes about 15 minutes, and we attend in case any problems come up. It’s best if you are completely moved out, and the home has been thoroughly cleaned by the time the walk-through occurs.

Here’s what the final walk-through is:

  • A second chance for the buyer to make sure all the appliances are still working
  • An opportunity to make sure you didn’t damage anything while moving out
  • A time to make sure the property is clean
  • In Indianapolis, all attached items such as shelving, light fixtures, curtain rods, etc. are required to stay and transfer with the property, so the buyer checks that those items are still there as well.
  • When we explain to the buyer what day the trash is picked up, where the parking is, etc.

Here is what the final walk-through IS NOT:

  • It’s not a time to have the buyer’s parents or friends come look at the property, or for contractors to give them estimates, etc. All of that can happen once they’ve officially bought the property.
  • It’s not a time for the buyer to begin moving boxes or other items into the house. That has to wait until after closing.
  • It’s not when the buyer receives the keys. Instead, at the end of the walkthrough, we will give the buyer’s Realtor the keys and garage door opener, and the buyer’s Realtor will provide those items to the buyer during or after closing.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the final walkthrough. We’re almost there!